Monday, January 31, 2005

Radio is the Sound Salvation

Now Playing: The Afterglow on Impact 89 FM

Its sunday night, I'm done studying, the weekend is winding down and I'm listening to this sweet show on the radio. The DJ plays more relaxed, lush, down-tempo stuff. Stuff perfect for the end of the weekend.

I'm going to take a moment right now and discuss how utterly fantastic college radio is. College radio stations vary from school to school in terms of format (DJs playing songs vs DJs having shows that cater to some theme and the type(s) of music they play) but they all hold true to the same philosophy -- to play non-mainstream music in hopes of broadening the musical horizons of the audience. I'm partial to DJ's who have specific shows. I've gotten into the habit of tuning in on a weekly basis because I like what I hear. Just like a TV show, what a concept! And one of the biggest advantages is that there are no commercials! Listen to most commercial radio stations and 1) you hear the same crap all the time, and 2) you are inundated with commercials all too often. If you've never listened to college radio before, turn to the left of the dial (down in the upper 80s/lower 90s frequencies) to get a cold dose of what's missing from your life. Once you start, you'll never go back.

In other music-related news I ordered The Arcade Fire -- Funeral off of Amazon earlier today. I don't think I've heard any of the tracks off of the album, but its gotten so many great reviews and was at the top of just about any top-10 (or however many) list of 2004. Once I receive it and have an opportunity to digest it fully, I'll opine on it.

I'm out.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Waves of Conversation

Now Playing: Nirvana -- In Utero

I was studying for my Anatomy Lab practical last night down in the lobby. I like it down there -- too many distractions in my room, there's more space, and I can people watch. Anyway being at a university, there are good amount of foreign students. There was an Asian (I'm unsure of his exact ethnicity) fella talking on the phone. Naturally he was speaking in his native tongue. As the only language I'm fluent in is English, I had no idea what he was saying. But I did catch this:
"untranslational stuff...LeBron James...untranslational stuff...Allen Iverson untranslational stuff...Yao...Yao...untranslational stuff...Ben Wallace...untranslational stuff...Ben Wallace..." you get the idea. It was great! I had no idea what he was specifically saying, but I knew he was talking about the NBA for sure.

In other events, I've decided on how I'm going to format this here blog. Every title is going to be a song lyric. Some will be obvious; most, however, will be unknown to the most of you. I could make a game of it and do something like "Be the first one to ID the lyric and..." but with this being the internet 1) you can easily Google the lyric to figure it out and 2) I have no idea when you will read this. In any event if you do know the lyric right away all I have to say is this: You Rock! Hard!

I'm out.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Is There Anybody Out There?

Ok, I've done and gone it this time folks. For some reason I feel the need to cave into the pressure and participate in the thing that was the word of the year for 2004. Ahh yes, I am now officially a blogger. I really feel like I've sold out. Why? I don't know. I try to hold up values that are strong to me and now I'm caving in. I even tried to come up with a catchy/ironic title that has an air of mystery to it. Yeah you can tell me how much "Metamorphisis of Life" sucks. So I've got a blog? Big effing deal, may as well have fun with it, eh folks?

Really my friend Greer has her own blog. Thats my motivation. And I felt like blabbing stuff that no on particularly wants to hear about. I mean I can sit in my room and talk to the walls, or I can write on here and pretend that someone is reading this garbage.

Anyway enough with the self depricating humour -- it can be fun at times, but too much and I'll just start to look pathetic.

I am currently at the MSU Union killing time between classes.
I'm wearing a heartrate monitor for a lab I have to do. My pulse is a steady 69 BPM as I write this.
Tuesdays are killer -- class from 9:20-10:20, 12:40-2, 4:10-6:30, and 7:10-10.

I've been listening to a lot of The Velvet Underground as my study music the past couple of days. I've always liked them, but sometimes you're listening to a band or an album and you have an epiphany -- "This is fuckin' brilliant, man!" Thats what happened to me the other day. I was listening to the Velvets, and bam! There it was, right in my face, or ears really. For the uninitiated, a brief history on the Velvets: released four proper albums: The Velvet Underground & Nico, White Light/White Heat, The Velvet Underground, and Loaded. Their reputation is this: no one listened to them, but those that did formed their own bands (um...Bonon, Brian Eno, Michael Stipe, Peter Buck, the crew from the Talking heads, just to name a few). Just give a chance to any of these albums. Loaded is probably the most accessible one, but right now I'm really diggin on their eponymous 3rd album. And hey, they have frickin violoa player in the band, you gotta love that.

Anyway this is plently long for my first musing. Who knows how often I'll write here (probably when I need to do work but I'm distracted), but if you're reading I hope you like and if not, well then too bad. Later.